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Eve brings a wealth of knowledge and diversified experience to her Acupuncture practice. 

She originally trained in China as an Acupuncturist and after coming to the United States she obtained her Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture license through the state of California.  She began her professional journey as a wellness advocate in 1999.  While in China she practiced as a TCM Assistant Physician.  Before that she trained and practiced as an Herbal Dietary Therapy Specialist, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor and Esthetician.  She is adept in various techniques, methods and modalities within Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, holistic dietary & exercise regimens to address various health conditions.  Eve practices whole system healing.  Whether it’s pain management to digestive complaints, stress management to weight loss, or anti-aging & facial rejuvenation and more, Eve’s evaluation and treatments will leave you confident you’re in the right hands.

Emily  MS, LAC,  Acupuncturist

Emily has been practicing as a primary health care provider and licensed Acupuncturist in Classical Five Element Acupuncture/Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Herbal Medicine for over a decade. She holds specialty certifications in Acupuncture for Fertility, and Integrative Nutrition. She is licensed with the California Board of Acupuncture and board certified nationally with the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine).


Natalie,  Licenced Esthetician

Natalie is an excellent skin specialist with over 15 years of experience in the Esthetics field. She is a California state Licensed Esthetician. Her passion for skincare has fueled her career to work a vast spectrum from Natural and bio-available products to clinical skincare as well as being versed and experienced in working with Medspa nurses and clients. She helps her clients with all-inclusive home skincare regimens of healthy products to achieve glowing skin whether it’s problematic or sensitive to reversing signs of aging. At Sundhari she utilizes organic skincare and concentrated vitamin based dermaceuticals to achieve the best results for her clients while integrating modern holistic technologies for anti-aging. Treat yourself to a facial with Natalie. Her signature massage techniques will leave you relaxed while her educational skin care tips will give you the tools you need to maintain the results.

Kathryn CMT, CYT, Ayurvedic Specialist, Licensed Esthetician

Kathryn is a Licensed Esthetician with over 20 years experience in resort spas, cutting-edge skin care studios and Holistic Healing environments. She continues her education with the most current skincare technology and industry techniques. She specializes in both organic and clinical skincare, makeup, color coordination and treatment. She is also a Certified Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor and Ayurvedic Medicine Specialist, focusing on nutrition, herbal remedies and lifestyle techniques for anti-aging and wellness. Her dynamic treatment style is thorough and her massage will leave you feeling rested and relaxed. She customizes each treatment to address your specific needs and will always share with you the best ways to maintain healthy, gorgeous skin.

Massage Therapists

HANS CMT, CYT, Naturopath

Hans is a well-rounded and gifted massage therapist with over 25 years of experience in bodywork. He graduated from the McKinnon Institute in Oakland California as well as the Novato Institute of Somantic Research in Novato CA and the Accupressure institute in Berkeley CA to name a few.  His experience includes notable luxury resorts as well as integrative medical clinics.

Hans therapeutic techniques range from deep tissue, connective tissue/Myofascial, Orthopedic and Medical massage therapies for pain management.  He integrates relaxing Swedish Esalen massage, Sports massage, Accupressure, Ayurvedic, Shiatsu and Thai Yoga stretch massage for maximum relaxation and benefits.

Hans is thorough and tunes in quickly to each guest’s needs assuring his clients satisfaction.

Additionally, Hans is a Watsu Therapist, Yoga and Qigong instructor as well as a Naturopath trained in Germany.

Charles,  Orthopedic Massage

From his first exposure to massage therapy in 1997, to graduating the prestigious Hendrickson Method Practitioner program in 2019, Charles has worked with all types of clients for nearly 23 years. His expertise today is focused specifically on Orthopedic Medical Massage (Hendrickson method) and Muscle Energy Technique. His intuitive understanding of anatomy allows him to isolate and correct imbalance within the musculoskeletal system giving his clients a sense ease of movement and relief from chronic pain. Charles has hands-on experience with how massage affects well being. Staying abreast of the latest in massage science is Charles’s sixth sense

Sharon,  Massage Therapist

Sharon began her journey with massage in the early 90s helping with hospice. She then branched out into working in spas, fitness centers and providing massage at special events. While having a passion for organic farming, for the last 20 years she has provided massage services to the food healers at the Eco-farm conferences. Her specialties include Shiatsu, Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage and chair massage while continuing to study eastern Ayurvedic massage and principles . She integrates stretching and reflexology while tailoring the service to address her clients special requests. She always considers each massage to be an opportunity to co-create a path to better mental and physical health. Sharons’s technique infuses each session with a zenlike rhythmic flow that relaxes even the most stressed nervous system. In her free time Sharon loves to swim, meditate and is an avid gardener who regularly finds ways to trick the squirrels out of eating her avocados.

Catherine, Massage Therapist

Catherine is a talented and caring certified massage therapist who’s been practicing massage for over 20 years and has cultivated many dedicated clients throughout the Bay Area. Over the years she has developed her own unique style integrating her specialties of Cranial Sacral, Swedish, Esalen and Deep Tissue massage, with Thai facilitated stretch and Hot Stone upon request. One can prepare to relax into her skilled hands and light hearted, nurturing presence. She is attentive with each client to ensure pressure satisfaction and comfort. Each client receives a massage tailored to their individual needs. In her free time, Catherine is a talented Potter, and Musician, actively lives a wellness lifestyle, and is currently developing multiple skills for green sustainable living.

Susan, Massage Therapist

Susan is a dedicated massage therapist who began her healing arts career at SFSU with a degree in Asian Culture and it’s Healing Arts. While there she studied Japanese dietary therapies, Qi Gong, Chinese herbology, dance and meditation.  Following college she dove into a massage career developing her specialties in Western Therapeutic massage: Swedish, Aromatherapy and sports massage, as well as prenatal massage and “Tui Na”  or Chinese Acupressure.  Later into her career she began to include Ayurvedic massage and associated therapies after she was introduced to the Science of Ayurveda through Dr. Vasant Lad.  Her sincere respect for Eastern healing infuses her services where she integrates Western with Eastern techniques and weaves Tibetan healing sound therapy and chakra crystals with each customized healing service.

Susi,  PreNatal Massage

Susi’s prenatal massage is enriched by her broad knowledge of massage therapies, her decade of practice as a birth-doula, and her explicit training in prenatal massage therapy. In 2009 Susi studied at the Acupressure Institute, shiatsu, acupressure, & Chinese tui na massage with an interest in women’s health. In 2013 Susi studied with Carol Osborne, at Bastyr University’s prestigious Penny Simkin Center in Seattle, Washington. Susi learned specific methods for all phases of pregnancy and postpartum, using neuromuscular techniques, lymphatic drainage, and connective tissue massage. In 2014 Susi studied Western massage systems, including Swedish and deep-tissue therapies. In 2016 Susi trained in orthopedic massage at the Hendrickson School obtaining an expert level of anatomical understanding. Susi is an invaluable resource for new mothers. Her prenatal massage is comforting, restorative and deeply relaxing as she combines her depth of skills with a warm and caring personal manner.

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