You probably have heard of Shiatsu, Swedish and deep tissue massages. In the world of massage, there are certainly many kinds! And sine we’re a holistic spa, we want to give you more information on a unique, mind-body massage treatment that not very many people are aware of. At Sundhari, we are proud to offer ayurvedic massage.

You may be thinking, “Wait, I thought ayurveda had to do with medicine? What’s that got to do with massage?” It is true–ayurveda refers to an ancient alternative medicine originating from India, that centers on treating the whole body, mind and spirit. In face, the term “ayurveda” translates to knowledge of life. As a holistic spa, we are very proud to offer abhyanga massage, an East Indian ayurvedic massage ritual.

To begin, we serve you a dosha specific tea. During an abhyanga massage, the therapist will utilize dosha-specific, ayurvedic essential infused warm oils. Crystals and sound, along with specific massage techniques and pressure points, are used with the goal of balancing the senses, heart, body, and mind.

There are believed to be numerous benefits of abhyanga massage, including eliminating the body of impurities, calming nerves, promoting better sleep, softening the skin, improving blood circulation and reducing the effects of aging.

Ready for the abhyanga massage experience? Please call us to schedule your massage at 510-684-0956, or book online here.